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Cn 1434: Tâm Tình Của Một Phụ Nữ Người Mỹ Gốc Nicaragoa Gặp Tại Medjugorje (20)
Thứ Bảy, Ngày 21 tháng 4-2012

Cn 1434: Tâm Tình Của Một Phụ Nữ Người Mỹ Gốc Nicaragoa Gặp Tại Medjugorje (20)

Hello from Miami, Photos of  Medugorje, AND Vietnamese Meal at the Castle....!!!

(Ms. Liza and her mother Flora from Miami)

 Miami April 20,2012

Dearest Kim,

I am so sorry for writing so Mom and I have often thought and prayed about you and your blessed Mission of bringing tours to Medugorje....!!!  What a blessing !!!  How fortunate you are ...!!!
I have attached the photos I took during your amazing banquet preparation----Everything was AMAZING and UNBELIEVABLE....!!! 

What a wonderful Feast your group gave all of Us !!!      If you have additional photos of the dinner, I would love to have camera doesn't take good night photos.....Please send, if your group has....Thanks !!!

About 10 days or less after that, Patrick had back surgery in Mostar, but he is recuperating wonderfully.....It was perfect timing that we could share with Patrick and Nancy during those days before Easter----How was Easter week in Medugorje??  Did your group stay the whole week??  That Palm Sunday, my Mom and I left and the weather was awful....our flight was cancelled in Dubrovnik and had to take a bus from Split to Zagreb----we spent the WHOLE day travelling and got back to Miami on Monday afternoon....exhausted, but soooo happy.....and with a much, much deeper love for Jesus and our Lady...There were many testimonies and beautiful people that we encountered on our trip, like You....

I have looked over your Web Site and I have to congratulate you    It is very complete and has a lot of information.....videos, audio books, testimonies., etc.etc....Though, I don't understand a thing....  but, it is very full of information about Mary....Awesome !!!
I would please like the e-mail and info. of Kimberly, the lady that cooked....she gave it to me on a piece of paper, but with the travelling, I must have lost it....Please send it to me....Thank You !!
....So hope you are doing well, along with all your family.....Please let me know how your back is doing....I remembered you were having some sort of pain.....I do hope you are doing so much better !!!  Please, so keep in touch and know that you have friends down here in Miami----My Mom and I liked you very much....  I will be sending more photos in another e-mail....ok??

Peace and Many, Many Blessings,

Liza Tuckler

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